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Local Banks cash depsoit in Major Banks of India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia

Place Sell Order E-Currency Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, Perfect Money, etc.
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All required details must be filled, any order with missing or incorrect information will be rejected.

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e.g. Minimum we trade USD 50. Enter 525 If you want to sell 525 USD worth E-currency.
  Your E-Currency account Number and Name: LR/PM/GDP -U891234(Marketing)
Webmoney - Z10175455690
AP/MB/Paypal - ramesh@hotmail.com
  Payment Information  
  Bank and Account Holder Name: e.g. Rajesh Gupta - ICICI Bank, Steve - OCBC Bank
  Account Number and Bank Branch City: Deatails of bank account e.g. Acc No. 120004607689 = M G Road, Banglore
  Payment Mode: For WU, MG, Bankwire give payment details in Other Information box below
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  Any Suggestions, Comments, WU, MG, CashtoCash, BankWire Details Etc. (Optional)
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